Technology and Innovation


Our District’s mission is to effectively and efficiently manage the risks from vectors and vector-borne disease in order to protect public health and improve quality of life in Placer County. Part of accomplishing this mission is to pursue, develop and evaluate technologies that can support our operations.

Since 2016, our unmanned aerial system has transformed from just a vector surveillance assessment into a mechanism to more effectively and efficiently treat mosquito populations and protect public health in Placer County. In 2017, former California Governor Edmund B. Brown Jr. signed AB 527 into law which allows FAA drone certified pilots to apply pesticides from UAS. Now, our UAS is in testing to make successful treatment operations throughout Placer County.


UAS offers many benefits like a zero footprint on marsh and sensitive lands, smaller and more precise aerial treatments, improved irrigation monitoring and increased detection of mosquito larvae. UAS reduces employee safety risk, noise and fuel emissions and cost of equipment and labor. Instead of a manned aircraft that requires a pilot, UAS are operated by a pilot-in-command on the ground who uses a remote transmitter, which reduces potential safety risk.