Bulletins & Announcements

Ground-based adult mosquito treatment in Sheridan and western Placer 8/15/19, 4:00-5:30 AM

Areas of western Placer are scheduled for treatment for West Nile virus and mosquito activity.  An EPA-approved mosquito adulticide will be applied in an ultra-low volume (ULV) fog by truck to target adult mosquitoes.

Treatment areas (Click map for larger image):

  • Residential areas south of Nicolaus Road, between Brewer Rd. and Nelson Lane, including Critter Creek Road, W. Knickerbocker Drive, Westland Dr. Canal Lane, Short Way Shaw Lane, Maverick Lane, Prairie Way, Neighbor Lane, and Rockwell Lane.

  • Residential areas of Sheridan.

Since several factors, including weather conditions, affect treatment activities, the District encourages Placer residents to check this website regularly for any changes to the treatment schedule.  For an overview of our mosquito control programs, you may view the District video, available on this website.