2020 Mosquito Awareness Week

Take the pledge! It’s 2020 Mosquito Awareness Week and we need your help!

Mosquito Awareness Week is important. This is a week where we encourage our community to educate themselves about the importance of dumping and draining standing water, defending themselves against mosquito bites and calling our District for more information or any mosquito concerns. Why is this important? Mosquitoes can vector deadly diseases like West Nile virus. During summer, when mosquito activity peaks, risk of West Nile virus transmission increases. The community can help our District protect public health in Placer County by following the 3 D’s. So, take the pledge! Click share on the post below to share your commitment to being mosquito aware on your social media pages. Do your part at home to limit mosquito breeding and follow our social media pages for ongoing updates.

Take the Pledge!

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