Bulletins & Announcements

Larval Mosquito Treatment July 6 and 7 over Western Placer County

To address increasing mosquito numbers and the arrival of West Nile virus this season in the irrigated agricultural areas in western Placer County, the District will begin aerial larvicide applications to rice fields on Friday and Saturday (July 6 and 7, 2012).  Larvicides are biological materials that specifically target mosquito larvae and prevents them from becoming adult mosquitoes.

In a typical season, four to six applications of larvicide are made to over 16,000 acres of irrigated agricultural lands to prevent adult mosquitoes from emerging.   Larvicides, in conjunction with adulticides and biological control methods, comprise the District’s integrated vector management program that is designed to use scientific data to make responsible control decisions to limit the risk posed by mosquitoes and West Nile virus to the residents of Placer County.