Bulletins & Announcements

Ground-based Adult Mosquito Treatment in Sheridan, Lincoln, and Roseville 7-31-14 from 3:00-6:30 AM

Areas of Sheridan, Lincoln, and Roseville are scheduled for treatment for significant mosquito and West Nile virus activity.  An EPA-registered mosquito adulticide will be applied in an Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fog by truck to target adult mosquitoes.

Treatment areas:

  • Sheridan – Residential areas east of Hwy. 65, from Rolling Hills Rd, south to the Sheridan Cemetery.


  • Lincoln – Residential areas west of Old Hwy. 65, up to Lakeside Blvd and south to Nicolaus Road. Areas south of Nicolaus around Joiner Park (not pictured) will also be included.

 North Lincoln

  • Roseville –  Residential areas from Hayden Parkway south and west of Fiddyment Road to city border including some unincorporated areas west of the city.

Fiddyment Farms