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Request for Proposals for Video Surveillance System

Proposals Due By: September 16, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.


The Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District (the “District”) solicits proposals from qualified firms (“proposers”) to provide the video surveillance camera system and installation services described below. Both small and large qualified firms with competitive rates are encouraged to apply.


Since 2001, the District strives to reduce mosquito and other vector populations, promote awareness of vectors and vector-borne diseases, and decrease health risks to residents in Placer County, California.

The District mission is to effectively and efficiently manage the risks from vectors and vector-borne disease in order to protect public health and quality of life in Placer County.

The District strives to meet its mission by doing the following:

  • Educate and inform the public about mosquitoes
  • Inspect, reduce, and eliminate mosquito breeding sources
  • Employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and scientific principles to control vector populations
  • Use public funds responsibly

In addition to mosquitoes, the District is also responsible for tick and yellowjacket monitoring and control.

The District is an independent, non-enterprise special district governed by California Mosquito and Vector Control Law and an appointed seven-member Board of Trustees.


The District has decided to acquire a video surveillance camera system and installation services. The scope of work is described in Attachment A. The selected proposer will be expected to have substantial knowledge and experience relating to these tasks and services.


Interested and qualified firms are requested to submit a written proposal by mail no later than 3:00 p.m. on the date set forth above. It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure that proposals are submitted and received in a timely manner. The submittal materials shall provide the following information:

  1. Firm name, address, telephone number and website, and principal contact name, telephone number and e-mail address.
  2. Brief description of the firm and a statement of the firm’s qualifications to perform the requested services.
  3. Name of the principal staff persons who will be primarily responsible for providing services to the District and their resume and qualifications.
  4. Explanation of the firm’s experience in providing the requested services. Include the client, type of work, project start and completion dates, project name, project size, technologies utilized, and system description. Explain how such work will apply to requested services.
  5. List of client references, including name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, along with a brief description of the services provided to the client, dates of service and involved attorneys.
  6. Description of the firm’s proposed fees, costs and charges, including an explanation of what services will be provided on an hourly rate, flat rate, fixed retainer or other basis. Explain how often the District will be invoiced for services. Explain what costs would be charged to the District and the firm’s policy for billing fees and costs relating to travel.
  7. Description of the firm’s general liability, automobile liability and professional liability insurance coverage.

    Proposals shall be mailed or delivered in person to:
    Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District
    Attn: RFP – Video Surveillance System
    2021 Opportunity Drive
    Roseville, CA 95678

Questions regarding this request for proposals may be directed to Joel Buettner at joelb@placermosquito.org or by calling 916-380-5444.


The District will review all submitted proposals and evaluate them against the following selection criteria: demonstrated positive experience performing the requested services; capability to perform the services, including demonstrated qualifications and resources to competently and timely perform the work; firm and principal staff reputation in the community; quality of references; location of the firm’s nearest office that would service the work; and, proposal price and fees.

The District may schedule interviews with selected proposers or it may make a selection based on the written submittal materials. Interviews may be conducted in person or telephonically.

Proposals will be reviewed and considered by the District Board of Trustees, based on a recommendation from District staff. Contract award, if any, will be on the basis of the selection criteria set forth above. Proposal price alone will not be the determinative criterion. If the Board decides to proceed with retaining a firm, the District will enter into contract negotiations with the selected firm. The contract will be based on the District’s standard form of services contract. The selected firm will be expected to begin work without delay.


  1. The District reserves the right to conduct contract negotiations with any firm (whether or not it has submitted a proposal), to verify the information in any proposal, to waive any informality in the process, to alter the selection process in any way, to request additional information or clarifications, to allow corrections of errors or omissions, to revise the scope of services and work, to extend the deadline for submission, to withdraw this request for proposals at any time without prior notice, to reject any and all proposals, and/or to decide whether or not to contract with any firm.
  2. The District makes no representation that any contract will be awarded to any firm responding to this request. Nothing in this request for proposals shall be construed to obligate the District to negotiate or enter into a contract with any particular firm. This request for proposals shall not be deemed to be an offer to contract.
  3. All costs of response and proposal preparation shall be borne by the proposer. The District shall not be liable for any pre-contractual expenses incurred by the proposer, including any time and costs associated with the preparation and submission of the proposal and any interview.
  4. All submitted proposals shall become the property of the District. The District shall have the right to copy, reproduce, publicize, retain or otherwise dispose of each proposal. All responses received by the District will be considered public records subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act.
  5. Proposals must be written and submitted by mail or in person. Please be succinct. Unnecessarily elaborate or lengthy responses or other presentations beyond those needed to give sufficient and clear response to the request for proposals requirements are not desired. Proposals generally should not exceed 5 pages.

Scope of Work for
Placer Mosquito and Vector Control District
Video Surveillance System Project

Approximately 20,000 square foot warehouse building housing office, lab, shop and parking for vector control operation located at 2021 Opportunity Drive in Roseville, CA. Two sides of building are open parking lots; back is fenced and contains a wash bay and mosquitofish rearing facility. Rear of property adjoins parking lot for Denio’s Roseville Farmer’s Market, which draws large numbers of people after District’s business hours and on the weekends at some times of the year.


  1. To provide a visible deterrent to theft and vandalism during non-business hours.
  2. To provide centralized viewing of entrances from front office to verify authorized vehicle access to the rear of the building, and monitor deliveries.
  3. To verify activity on-site following an alarm event to rule out false alarms from off-site.
  4. To provide a record of that can be used to assist authorities in prosecuting criminal activity and/or recover stolen property.
  5. To provide a safe workplace.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Exterior video cameras (approximately eight) to cover two main entrances, secondary entrances/exits, bay doors, and back parking area including fisheries facility.
  2. Digital recording capability.
  3. Off-site access to real-time and recorded video.
  4. Front office viewing of all camera feeds for use during business hours.
  5. OPTIONAL: Consider need for additional security lighting for fisheries facility to work with cameras.